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Kelly Birch Thank you for coming to my web page, I appreciate your dedication to find out more about the candidates for Science Senator.

Many people wonder why I have chosen E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One) as my theme, the principal rationale for using it is, that within the college of science there are many ways to become more united. These include:

Working with Deans, Professors and fellow college students is very important as a Science Senator, therefore I will let you look and see what some of my professors and peers have said about me. If you choose me as Science Senator, I promise to continue to hustle and work hard!!!

Hopefully these categories below will be sufficient for you to know enough about me to vote intelligently. Peradventure I have omitted anything, please feel free to contact me at birch@cc.usu.edu

My Qualifications to be Science Senator
My Goals if elected Science Senator
Personal Achievements
My Personal Interests

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