My Interests



        Mark Twain, Victor Hugo, and Dale Carnegie are my three favorite authors and they have helped me to understand the world as I know see it.  Whenever I have an opportunity to read, I usually am doing just that.  To see a list of the books that I have read since 1995, please click here.  Elmer Gantry is the book that I am currently perusing.


        Portugal, Brazil, Switzerland, and Chile are all countries that I have visited.  After I graduate and earn more money, I plan on spending even more money on travel.  There is nothing better than the opportunity to travel and see how others live and think.  Domestic travel is equally as enjoyable, I have visited Washington DC, Boston, San Jose, Las Vegas, Miami, Denver, and Atlanta.

    Foreign Languages

        Portuguese and Spanish are my best foreign idioms, while I am learning Italian slowly and I have plans of learning German.  Learning a new language usually makes a person think differently and I believe strongly that thinking outside the box is always a good thing.


    Genetic Programming

        This is an area where my duel majors make sense, because with computer programming and the Monte Carlos theorem, complex Schrödinger can be approximated to a very close approximation.  Dr. Koza, a professor at Stanford has been researching the applications of Genetic Programming and I am a disciple of his teachings.



        Basketball has been one of the most rewarding activities in which I have ever participated.  Whether it is playing  in  recreation leagues, church ball or pick up games in the hper or field house, it is always fun.  I have had the privilege of being teammates with Tony Brown, Kevin Rice and many other great basketball players!  

    Five K Races

        Ever since I have won my first Clydesdale championship (the division for people over 200 pounds) in the Holladay Lions Race in 1999, I have been addicted to running.  In the summer time, I try to run three miles per day.   Although I have only run in the Holladay Lions race three times, I have won the Clydesdale championship twice


        Even though no one would ever guess from looking at my physique, I do enjoy lifting weights principally due to the fact that it is easy to measure the goals I set.  I believe in the Greek motto "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" this is one of the reasons that I dedicate some time to physical fitness on a regular basis.

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