My Goals

Free Email for Life

Why would I be in favor of Free Email for life???  This will promote networking among Utah State Students as a whole and as the students in the College of Science.  The old maxim of "It is not what you know but who you know." is old because it is so true.  When one Utah State Alumni is out in the "real world" and comes across a job that would be ideal for a former classmate, is that alumni going to search hours to try and find out where his classmate has moved??? As for myself, I would look an hour trying to find a casual college acquaintance at the very most.  If I had their email at the tips of my email address book at my account it would be harder to justify why I should not contact them.  The cost is small, today 30 Gigabytes of disc space is $132, that would me more than adequate for 3000 email accounts.

Graduate Database

Unity is my theme, therefore, I will facilitate staying in touch as much as it is practical.  A graduate database is not a novelty, the College of Engineering has one that is bursting at the seems (figuratively) while the current College of Science has seven or so proud participants.  Utah State is a great school, we have many graduates accepted into Ivy League Universities, so why don't we network and increase the acceptance percentage. 

Continuation Lab Day

For every undergraduate student planning on graduate school within the College of Science, especially in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Geology, undergraduate research is very important factor in acceptance to a graduate school.  It is difficult for freshmen and sophomores to get into labs because they do not know many professors.  Lab Day which was started by our current Science Senator had a rocky start, but it is a magnificent implement for getting professors who have room for students and for undergraduates who want to work to meet.  If I am elected, Lab day will happen again.

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