The Monkey as King

by Aesop

The Monkey King At a gathering of all the animals, the monkey danced and delighted the others so much that they made him their king.  The fox, however, was disgusted at the idea of the monkey as king.  The next day the fox found a trap with a piece of meat in it and took the trap with the meat to the monkey, saying, "Here is a dainty morsel I have found, sire.  I did not take it myself because I thought it ought to be saved for you, our king.  Will you be pleased to accept it?" The monkey reached at once for the meat and was immediately caught in the trap.  He bitterly scolded the fox for leading him into danger.  But the fox only laughed and said, "Monkey, you call yourself King of the Beasts and haven't more sense than to be tricked like that!"

    Before you choose a leader, consider well what skills make a good one.

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