Summers, 8 Years Old


I remember summers,
	8 years old,
nights too hot to sleep
	so I stood by the window,
cool breeze & moonlight,
	& watched a spider
spin its web
	on the window awning,
making a spot for itself
	in the world,
as the neighbors slept
	in their quiet houses
	& the stop sign
stood useless at 3 am
	w/no one to stop
but stood there anyway,
red & white face 
	reflecting the moonlight
back up to me
	in my second story window,
awake & listening to the 
chirp their midnight songs
	as the lightning bugs
put on a light show
	for me, just me,
& as the rest of the world slept,
	I watched it all.

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Last revised: 8-22-01