On The Waves Of Madness & Mystery


& did you know that
	it can crush
your soul
	w/o a sound,

just a breath-mint gasp
	& a whispered f-ck
to spin out all the windows

	w/silent majority
& ear-ached lies,	
	railroad ties,
		& wondered why's?

Please don't make me
	turn the clock
or tick the tock
	that is all that I can still do;

	let me hold that near
for I have lost all that I ever held dear.

& the girl's soft breath
	that blows out the candle
is all that remains
	of a celebration
for one who was born to die...

Quizzed the water
	for answers today,

& heard nothing in reply
	but the echo of 
the floating sky.

Isn't it sad 
	to live in so much pain,
like the needled-arm
	of those who are insane??

	[But I am, he says,
				but I am]

Candle wax
	& hidden tax
levied on the birth & death
of all that create a breath.

Why are the branches round?
	Why can't I make a sound?

Count me out,
	last round, just count me out,
my points are gone

	& my soul was carried away
	on the waves
of madness & mystery.

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