Last Letter To Grandpa


The empty shadowy hallways
still contain that sight of you,
the carpet worn from your footsteps
still stands, alone, this time,
and fading softly.

Your chair still rocks
(I tried it)
& if I sit in it,
I can see the World as you saw it,
w/your eyes,
& it was a lovely World you saw,
(it still is) (altho a little less lovely w/o you)
so bright & pretty that we
should cherish each moment
that we have to see it.

I still see you with your hat worn too high, 
standing on your porch,
bright summer day, 
looking at your garden.

Thank you, Grandpa,
for all your stories,
and your jokes,
and your energy towards Life
and for all you taught me.

I knew you, once, 
when you were alive,
and now in death
I know you again, 
tho not as close, 
perhaps w/more understanding.

You were buried on your birthday,
your Life making a perfect circle.
I still have your birthday card w/me,
w/address & stamp,
it's still sealed.

I'll give it to you next time I see you.
Take care until then.

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Last revised: 8-01-01