Empty Lightbulb and Untied Shoe


Did they get to you too?

	Burn-out central 
& daisy petals melt like butter
	in your cold metallic hands,
ancient bloodlines curse your every curve,
	but you dance with lust & chartered thoughts
so perhaps you are immune,

	perhaps you feel nothing,

		perhaps all the nerves are severed & 
			the message never got thru……lucky you.

Or did the hammer turn the screw?
	Did the cold tonic cast its hue?
		Did you read the creed
				carved on the stone
			between me & you?

& what is there that remains
	when the sun jumps suicidal
		off the flamed horizon,
& the sky pales w/sadness morning?

It's ok.   
	The butterflies will pick it up….in due time.
		They always do.	(shhh, this is just between me & you)

Let them burn their silent torches,
	let them ride their starving horses,
		let them march upon the town,
			let them hunt us up & down,

for in the end,
	when the bearded meager men
		count their silver
			in groups of ten,

the twist will be on,
	star-struck & spiralling.
Climb me now - I'm golden.

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