Cold Death Fear Gonna Get Ya


Some days I get scared
	& shake w/the fear
of Death in me,
& I'm shivering,

	w/nothing warm
to hold on to or hug,

nothing but cold empty
soulless eyes
	coming back at me
to stare & burn
	thru my soul
w/the only heat	
	I've ever known.

All this is
& deadly now,
days of shiver-shook
so that I don't know
when the last or first time was when
I ever got it all right.

Maybe some things are
	just never
meant to be frozen
on the nighttime plain,

	all life left to be
burning & warm
	& no lost eyes
to see thru,
	no lost skies
to beam thru,
	all just falling times
& hard grounds to land on.

	These days,
burned out & slipping,
	I watch my sundial
turn in the morning sun
& hold my breath
	waiting for it all to fall away...someday.

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Last revised: 8-01-01