Far From My Side

Lyrics: Renato Russo

If passion were really a balm,
the world wouldn't appear so equivocal.
I give you kindness, respect and a caress,
But understand, I am not in love.

Passion already passed, in my life
It was good even but in the end everything went wrong
And now I carry with me
A sad pain and a scarred heart.

And look, I tried my path
but everything now is something from the past
I want respect and always to have someone
That understands me and always stays at my side
But I don't, don't want to be in love.

Passion wants blood and ruined hearts,
and saudade is just a hurt for having been
made so ruined
And this slavery and this pain
I no longer want.

When I believed that everything was a consummated fact
There came a scythe and threw you far
far from my side.

I am not longer at the brink of tears
We can stay together
And live for the future, not the past
See our world

I also know that they say
there doesn't exist a wrong love
But understand, I don't want to be in love.