Lyrics: Renato Russo
Music: Renato Russo/Marcelo Bonfá
Translation: Kelly Sganderla and Alex Birch

I still remember when I was three years old
My first contact with building blocks
My first day at school
How I felt like running away

I did everything that they wanted
I believe everything they told me
They asked me to be patient
I failed
Then they shouted: Grow up and return

I grew up and returned and I didn't see anything
I learned what was right from the wrong person
I watched the nightly news
And I learned how to rob to get ahead
Nothing was like I imagined
Not even the people that I loved so much
But whatever, if it's all the same
I'll see if I can bring out the best in me.


Help me if you want
Make me do what I ask
Don't do what I do
But don't leave me here

Nobody asked me if I was ready
And I was completely confused
Trying to find the truth
In the middle of the lies in the city
I tried to see what was wrong
How many children, God had already killed.

They drank my blood and didn't let me live
There was my destiny ready and they didn't let me choose
Come to talk of freedom to later imprison me
They asked for ID to later beat me
They took all my weapons
How am I to defend myself?

You won this battle
But the war,
We'll see.