Baader-Meinhof Blues

Lyrics: Renato Russo
Music: Dado Villa-Lobos/Renato Russo/Marcelo Bonfá

Violence is so fascinating
And our lives are so normal
And you leave for the night and always see
Lit apartments.
Everything looks so real
But you've seen this film too.

Walking in the streets
I though that I could hear
Someone calling me
Saying my name

I'm up to here with me feeling so low1
My body is hot and I am feeling cold
Everyone knows and nobody wants to know
After all, loving your neighbor is so demode.

This out of tune justice
It's so human and so wrong
We watch television as well
What is the difference?

Don't nationalize2 my feelings
For your governor
My state is independent.


  1. The actual lyrics are: "I'm full of feeling so empty." Where full has the connotation of being sick of, tired, etc.
  2. The Portuguese word for nationalize is actually based on the state and not on the nation: estatizar.