Daniel in the Lions' Den

Letra: Renato Russo
Música: Renato Russo/Renato Rocha
Translation: Kelly Sganderla and Alex Birch

That bitter taste of your body
Stayed in my mouth for so long:
From bitter and then salty then sweet,
Like your smell strong and heavy

You made a home in my arms and still light
And strong and blind and tense made known
That still there was much and much of little

I make ours, my most sincere secret
And I challenge the dissonant instinct
Insecurity doesn't attack me when I error
And your moment passes to be my instant

And your fear of having fear of having fear
Doesn't make my force into confusion:
Your body is my mirror and in you, I navigate
And know that your currents don't have direction


But, just like the mistake of being motor boat
And insisting on using sails
It is evilness that water makes when drowning
when And the lifeguard isn't there because we can't see