Andréa Dória

Legião Urbana

At times it seemed that, believing so much
In everything that we thought was so certain,
We would have the entire world and a little more:
We would make forests out of desert
And Diamonds from pieces of glass

But I realize now
That your smile
Is different,
Almost appearing to wound you.

I didn't want to see you like this
I want your strength as it was before.
What you have is only yours
And there is no sense in running
And not feeling anything

At times it seems that it was only improvising
And the world would then be an open book,
Until the day arrived that we are tempted to have too much,
Easily selling what had no price

I know - it's all meaningless.
I want to have someone with whom to converse,
Someone who, afterwards, doesn't use what I said
Against me.

Nothing else is going to wound me,
It's that I am already used to it
With the wrong road that I followed
And with my own law.

I have what stayed
And I even have a lot of luck,
like I know that you have as well