Temporary High

Yesterday, on my way home from the gym I was in ecstasy. Not only had I benched 225 pounds (my personal best) I had benched my body weight for the first time in my life. These days I'm hovering around 223. Now that I have the burning desire within, it's only a matter of time until I am return to 211.

What could be better than attaining a goal that I've had for three years and that has been actively pursued for 3 months? Okay, I'm a slacker, but what's better than benching my body weight? The reaction on the face of the gym's trainer when I caught her checking me out. She's a hottie and totally blushed when I caught her.

You have no idea what that did to my self-esteem. I'm a pedantic bookworm/computer geek. Hotties don't check me out. Now I just have to wait three months to work up the courage necessary to talk with her.