Honesty and Abstraction

Life is much simplier when there isn't much honesty involved. Especially optional honesty to oneself. With this indulgence, it's possible to believe that everyone is happy. Dishonesty has been where I have lived my life, it's amazingly comfortable and oddly addictive.

It's great to have all the answers or to be able to google them. Unfortunately I will only walk well trodden paths, or meander down unknown paths. Never do I push myself. Never do I put myself and my pride on the line.

My life consisted of empty accomplishments and winning frivolous battles. It's difficult for me to be engaged in a battle I may lose. An unwinnable battle, I'll gladly join. Hero and martyr are the roles that I play the most often.

The worst lie is to lie to oneself. This is something that I do too well. Living in denial is so easy and so wrong. I need to start playing and not just playingtoo safely or too apathetically. Begin taking chances that may fail, but may succeed.