What's the Source of pain?

Forgetting who we are, desiring not to feel pain, or women?

According to Legiao Urbana Cada dor vem do desejo de nao sentir mais dor. Meaning that each pain comes from the desire to not feel more pain. This is very interesting concept at the foundation of some religions.

Eknath Easwaran, the Founder of Blue Mountain Mediation Center, said that the source of pain is forgetting who we are. Whenever I need to repent, it's always due to the fact that I have forgotten who I am. My personal experience has taught me that straying from my principles brings me much pain.

Women are the embodiment of desires foreign to our control. With basketball it's possible to practise and feel that improvement is within our power. Video games are addictive for this vary reason. Unfortunately with deep and meaningful relationships, this is not the case. There is another person who has goals and desires than can be different from our own.

It's difficult to confront pain; I personal prefer to live in denial. But life is about experience joy, not avoiding pain. This is easy to write in a random blog; now I just need to find the courage to live it.