Sacred Heart

This is my translation of these wonderful lyrics, never recorded by Legião Urbana. The original lyrics can be found here.

I know I have a heart
But it's difficult to explain
to speak of kindness and gratitude
And these things which nobody likes to talk.
They talk about this place
But where can it be?
Where there is virtue and intelligence
And the people are good and sensible
And that a light in my heart
is what can save me.
But I don't believe this
I try but it's only once in a while
Where is this place?
Where is this light?
If what I see is so sad
And what we do so wrong?
And they told!
This place can be always by your side.
And the happiness inside of you.
Because your life is light
And when I saw your eyes
And the happiness in your body
And the smile on your lips
I almost believed.
But it's so difficult
For this I ask you a favor
Think about me, pray for me
And tell me: This distant place is inside of you
And tell me that our lives are light.
Say that our lives are light.
Talk to me about the sacred heart
because I need help.