É preciso amar as pessoas como se
Não houvesse amanhã.
Porque se você parar para pensar,
Na verdade não há.

(My Translation)
It's necessary to love people like
There were no tomorrow.
Because if you will stop to think,
Really, it doesn't exist.

Legião Urbana

How many times have I put off for tomorrow something that I should do today? Often I justify my actions of trepidation with the façade preparation. Too frequently I'm am frozen by the fear to fail. By being apathetic I buffer myself, since if I tell myself what I found is what I meant to find; I have a moral victory.

My time on this planet is finite. Before I squander time critizing what I oppose, I should invest the time to praise what I value. Do I spend sufficient time telling those who have helped me become what I am today how much they've helped? Do I thank people for their efforts?