Q: Why the Blog?

A: "There are three Things extreamly hard:
Steel, a Diamond and to know one's self."

~Ben Franklin

Where do I get my basic tenets? The sad and frightening answer is:

  • Ben Franklin
  • The Simpsons
  • Legião Urbana
  • Mark Twain

In my blogs, the vast majority of the stimuli can be traced back to one of these source. Hopefully while going travelling along the different thoughts and maxims, I'll be able to converge my thoughts into who I am. The blogs should be short so even if they are interesting, they are short.

I'm not really sure about what to discuss today, I'm just excited that I've finally created a blog. While I'm writing this I'm adding on to my website. Currently I've added a section about publications. and I've downloaded the latest version of Thunderbird, Firebird and OpenOffice.org on Dr. Boldyrev's homepage so that there are faster downloads for us broad band users.

A large part of who I am in a procrastinator. So I'll start with
É preciso amar as pessoas como se
Não houvesse amanhã.
Porque se você parar para pensar,
Na verdade não há.