Peter Termini

Phone Number: 617-821-8807
Employer: Summit Realty
Current Address
35 Amberwood Dr
Winchester MA
Wife: Susan A Termini

Please click here if you want some additional references, not just my account.

Peter Termini is the landlord of 14 Benton, Medford MA and 16 Benton, Medford MA. On the first day that I moved in and met him, I was definitely ambivalent about him. He was making plenty of jokes that aren't funny, but that's what I do most of the time.

The straw that broke the camel's back is when he used my towel to wipe up cleaning chemicals strong enough to bleach my towel and he simply put it back on the rack. Peter didn't bother to tell me or rinse it out, fortunately it was bleached so I didn't try to use it to dry myself. When I asked Peter about it later, he was initially sullen, after a moment he became mad at me.

I was just subletting from Peter for the summer, I was taking over the lease for a very sweet and nice girl who was doing an internship down in Washington DC. Although I had a valid contract with her, Peter threatened to evict me. Even though he met me the second day I was there while he was installing an air conditioner for the summer (this was almost 110 days prior to his threat). As he saw it I didn't have a contract with his name on it and he was free to do whatever he please, no matter the law. I asked him politely to double check with his attorney prior to doing anything with legal ramifications. He ignored me.

Fortunately MA has a Tenent-at-Will provision that circumvents all of this craziness. It wasn't until I noticed the heights of his children that are on the doorway leading into the washer dryer that I guessed what had led us here. They ended in the summer of 2007. In 2008 four girls moved into the place (his first tentants of his home. I'm not sure what happened because they were paying above market rates (Peter tried in 2009 to increase the rental rates, though many landlords in the Boston area have dropped or maintained rates). He was frustrated for not being able to rent the place, although all four of the girls are in the same area, none of them returned to the house.

Peter is a good person, who can frequently have a hot temper and doesn't really know the law. I was ready to forgive and forget the time that he walked into my room without knocking, while I was just in my underwear; when he made promises to fix the washer (the hot water is connected to the cold and vice versa); or when he promised to have the exterminator come into the house (late July or early August) but is using part of my security deposit to pay for it (See attachment). After the towel incident and his threats, personally I hope never to see nor do business with him again.

Here is a link to the receipts that Peter wanted us to pay, even though it's MA law that if there are two apartments in one residence the landlord needs to keep them rodent free. Oh, yeah that and the fact that only the downstairs residence saw mice, none were ever spotted upstairs.